Dynamic Discovery

Dynamic Discovery is the process of collecting data about network connected assets on a continuous basis.  These assets may be the infrastructure which provides the foundation for applications, the applications themselves, or even the data in a database.  Dynamic Discovery is a process which allows higher level tools such as analytics to be kept up to date, on a continue basis.

Dynamic Discovery is most valuable when leveraged across the various components which make up any business' Information Technology environments.  Dynamic Discovery can be leveraged to apply advanced automation for a variety of use cases.  Dynamic discovery can help minimize or even end the management of assets and their configuration with spreadsheets and other manual method data stores.

Digital Alchemy helps agencies and businesses architect the right amount of discovery to enable analytics and automation use cases.  These use cases can range from lifecycle to security / compliance and add real value to any IT transformation initiative.  Digital Alchemy focuses on deeper discovery within network connected assets, enabling the cataloging of configuration, events, and changes which enable the critical use cases for our clients.