Automation is the future of business in many ways.  But it isn't new to business.  For many decades, businesses and government have used automation to ensure quality and consistency in their products, services, and transactions.  In order to leverage high value automation, the business must understand clearly the people, process, and technology that are leveraged.

Automation can exhibit various levels of maturity.  Automation can be a simple as routing rules for certain types of requests or it can be as complex as a multi-tier workflow which touches various endpoints.  Often the maturity of automation will match the level of demand because that will dictate how much focus goes into its development.  Automation can focus on process or technology but, many times it focuses on both.  Automation can be applied outside of IT, within many business areas and functions.

Digital Alchemy uses discovered data, visualized via analytics, to determine the demand and other characteristics which lead to higher quality automation.  We develop automation that feeds back into the discovery cycle so that the loop is closed and every new asset that is created is continually monitored for changes.  We build automation which makes compliance simple, applying the appropriate configuration based on requestor inputs and business rules.

Digital Alchemy uses an agile framework for the development and testing of automation within custom and COTS platforms.  We focus on rapid innovation to show value early and throughout all development iterations.  We leverage automation in the development process from establishing environments via configuration as code, to automating builds and testing releases.