Analytics enable data-driven decision making which is crucial to managing any modern IT environment.  Analytics are only as good as the data which is fed into them.  Many times organizations are plagued with bad data; or in other words, data which may be full of errors and inconsistencies.  Having the wrong, or not enough data can have a negative impact on business operations and strategic initiatives.

Digital Alchemy focuses on taking the data gathered from Dynamic Discovery and making it useful to the business via easy-to-understand, drill-down analytics.  Drill-down analytics allow the user to work with data in a way that feels more natural.  Digital Alchemy creates analytics dashboards which all the end user to drill down to the desired data points, with ease, and from various dynamically generated filters.

Digital Alchemy uses analytics when starting IT Transformation initiatives to discover where an organization may be on the path to higher data quality and more mature automation.  Digital alchemy also uses analytics throughout IT Transformation initiatives to show value in the work that is being completed.  Even beyond any specific initiative, the analytics we create are a critical tool for leaders who must operate and maintain IT environments, long term.